Public Art Comes to Basalt!

The Basalt community is at a dynamic confluence of change. BPAC’s inaugural program, CONFLUENCE 3, embraces this notion through unifying artworks expressing the theme, "Discover what connects us”.  This program is a six-year series of three temporary public art exhibits, installed for two years each, located throughout town to stimulate economic vitality, civic unity and an expanded sense of place.

In 2016, a Colorado-wide “call for entry” was made inviting artists to apply for Phase 1.  BPAC juried 49 applications to select 3 finalists. Denver-based artist Wynn Earl Buzzell, Jr. won for superior creativity, technical skill and safety considerations. Mōtiō was originally featured at the Denver Art Museum during the summer of 2016. Mōtiō 1.0 was assembled in 100 ft. long snake-like sculpture; Mōtiō 2.0 builds on the original, now broken into five large individual sculptures to reflect Basalt's distinct yet unified communities. 


Wynn’s 5 sculptures “create a powerful sense of place throughout the town .  Where it will become part of Basalt’s collective memory, where it will quietly speak to the idea of community and serve as a reminder of the importance of the connections that bind us.” Chosen for his artistic vision of kinetic human figures expressing people connecting and working together; the sculptures visually reinforce that we are each one of many parts of the Basalt community. Mōtiō 2.0 unfolds as a unified spine, broken open but interconnected, placed across five locations throughout Basalt.  Mōtiō 2.0 will be on view through May 2019.

Mōtiō 2.0 | Wynn Earl Buzzell, Jr.

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