A public arts program—including both the visual and performing arts—that strengthens, unifies, and celebrates

community identity, sense of place and economic development.



BPAC works with town council, committees, boards, and local organizations to implement a public arts program

for the benefit of the Basalt community.



Appointed by Basalt Town Council, BPAC's role is to:


1. Advise town government regarding:

a.     Location of public art

b.     Suitable art projects for town buildings or property

c.     Public art contracts, which would define respective responsibilities, timeline, budget, liability, restoration, and maintenance

d.    Additional matters enumerated in founding ordinance

2. Determine the purposes of specific installations and performances

3. Manage jury processes and artist selection

4. Ensure professional and timely execution of installations and performances

5. To address safety and other precautions with respect to the selection, location and maintenance of public art

6. Seek financial support for the arts

7. Expand community awareness and appreciation of the value of art


BPAC’s role does not include being liable for, or physically involved in installations and performances


Purpose & responsibilities:

(as written in Section 2 of Ordinance No. 05, Series of 2015, Town of Basalt)

The PAC provides advice to the Town Council on a number of visual and performing arts matters.  As an advisory group, the PAC does not have explicit decision-making authority or primary responsibility. 


The Council asked the PAC to:


1. Provide a sounding board on significant visual and performing arts issues in the Town of Basalt.

2. Explore and cultivate partnerships that can support the implementation of the Town’s arts goals (e.g. Pitkin and Eagle County).

3. Review and make recommendations on financing mechanisms for the development of visual and performing arts.

4. Help make the case for new resources when necessary to fulfill the goals for public arts within the Town.

5. On an annual basis, provide a plan for the development, commission, acquisition, placement and integration of public art into the public realm.

6. On an annual basis, develop and identify funding for public art.

7. Develop a 10-year Capital Improvement Plan (ART CIP) for the Town for the installation of public art in the Town and the facilities needed to support them and update that plan on a yearly basis. The Town Council will consider the ART CIP as it prepares and adopts its own 10-year CIP.

8. Make recommendation to other Committees and Boards in the Town to help further the art goals of the Town (by way of example, make recommendation to P&Z on goals and objectives to include in the Master Plan Update).

9. Act as a referral agency on development applications and Town Public Work’s and facilities’ projects which could help implement the arts goals of the Town.

10. Submit a yearly report to the Council, due by February 15th of each year that outlines the activities and accomplishments of PAC.

11. Work to fulfill any goals included in the Town’s yearly work plan or direction of the Town Council.

12. Meet with the Town Council upon request.